Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Firmware Update 1.0.409

Ouya has released a small firmware update to give the option for 'Age Gating,' aka parental age specific controls for games and apps. What does this mean? It means if you don't want your kids getting into anything you designate not age approptraite you can filter out the bad and leave only the good. Pretty simple. 

Here are the details:
Age Gating has been introduced for PLAY and DISCOVER!  Here are the details:
  • Age Gating is OFF by default.
  • To turn it on, go to MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PARENTAL CONTROLS -> “Filter content by rating”.
  • Select which level of content you wish to block.  Selecting a level blocks that level and anything more mature than it.
"Block" means that any game/app with that rating or higher will simply not appear in DISCOVER and PLAY.  To see these games/apps again, simply turn of Age Gating.

Open Arena Coming To Ouya

If you are a high speed, high impact, death match style game lover like I am, this is very exciting news.

Open Arena, the popular, and free FPS is getting an official port to Ouya.  With honed controls and game menu access, the official port for Ouya is a much better experience the the typical side loading that many have attempted in the past.

You can see some of the game play in the video below.  We are looking forward to the official release and will keep you up to date with information as it becomes available.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Firmware Update 1.0.393

Ouya has pushed out another firmware update today, 1.0.393.  There are some great functional and aesthetic changes that are sure to make things run a little better and look good.  Here are the details:
"Firmware 1.0.393 - July 25th has a ton of fixes and new functionality.  Enjoy
  • Network selection menu updated
  • Better communication of important details, including current active connection
  • Wi-Fi list now auto refreshes
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improvements to download speed over Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi is now disabled when Ethernet is active (to increase performance).  Removing Ethernet will re-enable Wi-Fi.
  • Fixed an issue where downloads could get stuck in the “in Queue” state
  • Changed the automatic controller pairing popup to occur after 2 minutes if the console is turned on and no action is taken.  Also reworded the screen to make it clear already paired controllers can simply be turned on to connect
  • Better handling of case where user changes their password on the web while logged into the console
  • Fixed an issue where entering too many characters in the search window could cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the system button on two separate controller at the same time would register as a double tap
  • In the Make menu, if the selected game hasn’t been downloaded yet, the "O" button now goes to the details page
  • Pulled various page headers into the safezone, to avoid it looking like there is an overscan issue with the OUYA menus."


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ouya Report Want's Your Help!

As more people start to receive their Ouya devices every day and the retail sales climb, there are even more people who don't even have them yet that want to know what you think about them!

If you are interested in sharing your experiences with the Ouya itself, apps, games etc. let us know.  We are looking for new people to join the team and make Ouya Report a resource for the growing Ouya community.

If you have any interest to write, make videos, etc. please contact us at thejdubb02 at gmail dot com.  Or send us a message on Twitter.

Ouya Free The Game Fund

Sorry for the down time, but we're back (vacation's are awesome!), and it appears some good stuff has happened while I was gone. 

It appears that Ouya has set aside a cool million bucks for devs to get their games off the ground. 

Ouya has launched the "Free The Games Fund" to help get game devs on Kickstarter to get their projects funded, and if you get chosen, you get even more cash from Ouya themselves!  Not a bad setup.

Not only will you get a great funding opportunity but you have a shot gaining even more money to get your idea moving. This is a great initiative by Ouya, offering money to games that get attention not to mention showing devs how easy it is to get on Kickstarter to get some funding.  This is a two birds with one stone idea and I think its brilliant. 

This could really make the game development for the console explode, drawing even more attention and gamers.  Here are the rules as posted on the Free The Games Page:

As you set-up your Kickstarter campaign, include the below copy in the main body of your campaign description to alert potential backers about the Fund and encourage participation and support.
Double Our Fun(ds)!

We're participating in OUYA's #FreeTheGames Fund, created by OUYA to support developers making new and creative console games. OUYA will match your pledge dollar-for-dollar if we raise a minimum of $50,000, so help us get there and make a great game for everyone! To be eligible for this match, we commit that this game will be an OUYA exclusive for six months—no matter what. To learn more about OUYA, go to


We need to know that you’re joining us on this project, so we need you to take two simple steps: (1) email us at with your campaign details so that we can help promote your #FreeTheGames campaign across the land and (2) agree to the terms and conditions (you’ll be able to complete this step on this website very soon). These steps are required before you launch on Kickstarter to be eligible, so please be sure to complete them.


Launch your Kickstarter game campaign on or after August 9, 2013 and have it end any day on or before August 10, 2014.


To be eligible for matching, you need to (a) meet your funding goal and (b) raise a minimum of $50,000.

5. WE'LL 2X IT.

If your Kickstarter campaign meets the funding requirements and you agree to be exclusive on OUYA for a minimum of six months—beginning the day you launch on OUYA—we’ll match 100% of the total amount raised up to $250,000 (until the $1M fund is tapped).
Plus, we’re giving an additional $100,000 to the qualifying campaign that raises the most money during the Free the Games Fund period."

Friday, July 5, 2013

Porn Makes Its Way to Ouya

Well it has finally happened. The Adult Entertainment industry has finally made itself readily available for Ouya.

Granted its not an app that you can or need install, its a web app that you can access via the stock browser built into the Ouya.  Much like Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix, SugarDVD requires a supported device and browser to start streaming.  Ouya has just made the list.

Now with your small $7.95 monthly subscription, you can watch SugarDVD streaming on all your devices.  Xbox, Playstation, PC, iOS, Android devices, and now... Ouya.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wind-up Knight Available Now On Ouya

Wind-up Knight is now available in it all of its impressive 3D, side scrolling, action packed platform glory.

If you have never seen this game on iOS or Android before, its super fun.  The levels are amazing, the bad guys are cool, and the game play gets pretty difficult and allows for some proper raging. 

If you want an addictive game with awesome graphics Wind-up Knights is definitely one you will want to download.

Here are some of the awesome things you will see (and hear):
  • Over 50 soul-crushing levels in four unique worlds.
  • Intense platforming action: double jumping, wall sliding, dive and roll, just to name a few cool moves.
  • New weapons and armor unlock as you play the game. Use the Armory to equip items and customize your character!
  • Original soundtrack by Josh Whelchel.
You can learn more about Wind-up Knight here:

Official XMBC Ouya Wiki

If you have been using Reddit and the various Ouya forums for information about XBMC, there is now an official XBMC Ouya Wiki page. 

As of right now, there isn't a whole lot of information on the Ouya platform but since it is a Wiki, it should get filled up pretty quickly with everything from how-to's to tech support issues.  If you are an Ouya XBMC user this is definitely a page to keep your eye on.

You can view the Wiki here:

Firmware Update 1.0.346

Ouya received a small firmware update today.  Not a huge update but here are the specifics:

1.0.346 just fixes a few issues, and there's no update to the ODK this time. Changelog:
  • Fixed changing passwords through Gamers Portal blocking users 
  • Fixed purchases not working when changing to a Dev account 
  • Fixed simultaneous button presses not registering in some MP games
You can read the official and follow the conversation about the update here: