Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Ouya Store Goes Live Ahead Of Launch

As of today, developers can begin uploading their games to the Ouya store to make sure there games are available to Ouya Kickstarter supporters at the end of March and the rest of the public in June when they device becomes available in retail locations.  This is how it will work for you developer types:

  • You submit your game on
  • We will review submissions (as quickly as we can!). See our Content and Review Guidelines on the dev portal — that’s what we’ll be checking it up against. Don’t worry, it’s a pretty brisk read.
  • You will be notified by email when your game is ready to go live, or if there are any issues.
  • After you go live, OUYA allows you to update your game, as often as you like, at no cost to you.

They are even running a special promo for developers that get the most 'game time played' once the devices go live.  If you are one of the top 3 played games you will be featured in a small documentary about your game making process.  Sounds like a pretty cool opportunity to get some exposure and hopefully drive some business your way, and not to mention you can say you have your own documentary!  How awesome is that?!

I am super excited for this announcement.  It just means we are one step closer to having the store packed with great content before launch. 

You can read the full post on Ouya's blog at the link below. 



  1. I hope there's a decent selection of games, waiting for the launch!

  2. Its looking that way. There are so many games already under development and a lot of them are already looking like good release candidates for sure. I can't wait!