Friday, May 31, 2013

The Bard's Tale Available on Ouya

 Crash reports have been updated here.

The 2004 classic The Bard's Tale is now officially available in the Ouya store. Recently released on Android and Steam, this third-person RPG is one of the best looking games that Ouya has to offer thus far.

From what I am able to see from screenshots of other platforms the game hasn't been altered very heavily, such as The Ball, where the graphics where dramatically lowered to compensate for the graphics capabilities of the Ouya.  The environments are rich an detailed and the cinematic are the most impressive yet.

This is just the beginning for the little console but I hope we continue to see more beautiful games like this come to the Ouya in the near future. Here is a short video I took of the intro and some initial game-play:


  1. Awesome, a beautiful looking game. Looking forward to trying it out.