Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Plex Officially Available On Ouya

We mentioned that it was coming and now its here! Plex is finally available on Ouya!  Not to mention its free! (Don't get better then free)

All video controls work well including the quality options for quick adjustment for bandwidth or screen size.  We streamed some 1080p video to the big screen and it played perfectly.  If you are a lover of streaming content from your computer at home to any Plex enabled device this is as good as it gets. 

Now when I travel for pleasure or business, I can bring my tiny travel size game console and stream all of my media from home.  Too cool.

Go get this.  Now.


  1. Seems to work well so far. The interface looks good, but the tabs at the top are split apart a little too much and can not be accessed using the shoulder buttons. Other than that, liking it a lot!.

  2. I'm holding onto hope as with my first Android G1 - My review OUYA Hands On http://wp.me/p36QpK-Bl

  3. Does not find my plex server and there is no way to set it up manually. Samsung TV, iPad, Android phones and tablets work without issues. It needs some polishing in my opinion.

  4. Needs the new Plex TV view, plus real direct play support. Even with direct play enabled and the stream setting set to maximum, I can still see glitches and pixelation on a 1080p mkv. Watiching movies on XBMC for Ouya is smooth and crispt, but I am tired of the same old XBMC interface, which is one of the reasons why I switched to Plex in the first place. Hoping that Ouya lives up to it's potential and would love to see Plex put out a killer Ouya app that smacks down XBMC. For now, XBMC wins out on playback.

  5. Have you fixed surround/DD/DTS support yet? Last time I tested, it would only play 2-channel PCM.