Thursday, July 25, 2013

Firmware Update 1.0.393

Ouya has pushed out another firmware update today, 1.0.393.  There are some great functional and aesthetic changes that are sure to make things run a little better and look good.  Here are the details:
"Firmware 1.0.393 - July 25th has a ton of fixes and new functionality.  Enjoy
  • Network selection menu updated
  • Better communication of important details, including current active connection
  • Wi-Fi list now auto refreshes
  • Various bug fixes
  • Improvements to download speed over Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi is now disabled when Ethernet is active (to increase performance).  Removing Ethernet will re-enable Wi-Fi.
  • Fixed an issue where downloads could get stuck in the “in Queue” state
  • Changed the automatic controller pairing popup to occur after 2 minutes if the console is turned on and no action is taken.  Also reworded the screen to make it clear already paired controllers can simply be turned on to connect
  • Better handling of case where user changes their password on the web while logged into the console
  • Fixed an issue where entering too many characters in the search window could cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the system button on two separate controller at the same time would register as a double tap
  • In the Make menu, if the selected game hasn’t been downloaded yet, the "O" button now goes to the details page
  • Pulled various page headers into the safezone, to avoid it looking like there is an overscan issue with the OUYA menus."



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