Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ouya Will Officially Support Multiplayer Later This Year

In the world of console gaming, multiplayer is a must. Whether it be split screen or online, PVP or co-op, many games have a multiplayer option.  Not to mention, with the popularity of online gaming via Xbox Live and the PlayStation network, it has never been more important.

Today we learn that Ouya will 'officially' support online multiplayer later this year.  So what does that mean?  It means that local and online multiplayer is currently 'supported' its just on the developer to make it happen, there is no official Ouya network yet.  Once it is official, it would give devs the ability to plug their games into the official service and take advantage of buddy lists, achievements, leader boards etc.

This would open the door for a more inclusive and interactive online multiplayer experience, which I definitely think Ouya needs to succeed in the gaming market today.  What do you think?  Are you an online gamer?  What are your favorite games to play online?

Julie Uhrman Wants Ouya Built Into Every Television

In a conversation at SXSW this week between Ouya founder Julie Uhrman and Joshua Topolsky of The Verge, Julie mentions how she want's to see Ouya built into every television.
“I would love it to be built into televisions and I am talking to everyone about that.” Julie Uhrman
This seemingly would work much like advanced TV's with apps.  However, unlike the basic apps they have now like Netflix and Hulu streaming, weather, stocks etc., this would also be a gaming console... built right into your TV.

The idea of something like this is just downright exciting.  I cannot wait for the day that this becomes reality.  I just hope one of the major TV brands jumps on this quickly! (Vizio I'm talking to you!)

Ouya Announces March 28th Release Party In San Francisco

That's right, in an official announcement from Ouya, there will be a thank you event on March 28th in San Francisco, from 8pm to 12am! 

This is going to be the official release party for the wildly popular console, and if its like many other release parties held at night you can bet its going to be a blast!  What might be even more exciting then the event itself is the fact that March 28th is when the devices begin shipping to Kickstarter backers as well.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back To Bed Kickstarter Offers Ouya Stretch Goal

Back To Bed Logo
Team Bedtime Gaming is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for their upcoming Back To Bed title. 

Set in surreal dream world with art design seemingly inspired by Salvador DalĂ­'s famous painting The Persistence Of Memory.  The game is set in the mind of a narcoleptic character named Bob.
"Back to Bed’s story is about Bob the sleepwalker and his subconscious guardian Subob. Bob suffers from narcolepsy and has an unlucky habit of sleepwalking in dangerous locations, such as rooftops. Luckily for Bob, his subconsciousness always tries to protect him in the form of Subob, a small creature springing from the mind of Bob. As Subob, the player’s challenge is now, to protect Bob from the dangers of both the real world and his dreams."
You can walk on walls, interact with strange items, and possible die by falling in a whole in the ground with teeth.  With beautiful, artistic graphics, a great story line, and fun puzzle game play, this is going to be high on my list of must plays when Ouya arrives... this of course is contingent on us supporting it.

To have this game available for Ouya is a stretch goal at this point, so unless they meet that goal we won't see it any time soon.  So head over to their Kickstarter page and help them out.

Back To Bed Screenshot

Friday, March 8, 2013

XBMC Looks Great On Ouya

XBMC is awesome.  It makes accessing the media on your device easy, fast, and beautiful.  With superior organization of your media compared to fumbling through your folders trying to get everything straight.  Its the perfect match with someone who loves to keep things organized.

We knew it was coming to Ouya, but now we an in depth look at it.  From what I see in the video, it looks perfect.   Just like I am using it on my desktop. 

So far so good, and by the looks of it, it will definitely be on time for launch later this month! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Plex App Details

In a response email from Plex founder Scott Olechowski, we have learned some new information about one of our favorite apps coming to Ouya.  Plex, is a media server application available on just about any platform you might be using.  They even have mobile applications so you can stream your media from your home computer on the go.

To put it simply, Plex takes any media folders you have it attached to, and serves those files up over your local wifi to any Plex enabled device to stream (or mobile if you have the app).  I currently use it on my Roku box at home to stream video from my computer in the office to the TV downstairs, as well as on my Android phone for when I am on the go.  It's simple to setup and even easier to use... Plus it's just down right beautiful.

We have known for some time that Plex is officially coming to Ouya, and today we have a few more details to share with you.  As we may have already expected, the Plex team is hoping to have the app ready for launch day.  There is no guarantee obviously but "That is the goal!" Olechowski says.

Plex Media Center On PC
We asked if there would be any cost associated with the app itself like there is in the Android Play Store.  That is still TBD according to Olechowski,  but he is hoping that it doesn't come to that.  I bought it for Android, and can tell you for sure I will buy it for Ouya if that's what it takes.

"Will Ouya support remote access to your files? i.e. I take my Ouya on a trip and want to watch my Plex media in a hotel room." "Yes!" says Olechowski. This is great news.  For those of you that are planning on taking your Ouya on the road because of its small size, will be able to stream your content from home when connected to a wifi.  This is one of the awesome features of the mobile apps, but does require some changes to be made to your router to give the app access when you are not connected to your home wifi.  A little work for a lot reward.

At this point he was unable to send me screenshots of it working but said to contact him closer to launch.  We will update you all as soon as we get those.  

Overall I am very excited about this news.  With apps like Plex and XMBC coming Ouya this little box is going to be a strong rival for streaming boxes like Roku and Apple TV.  When you can spend $99 and get a streaming box, and a powerful game console in one, why would you buy anything else?  Now if we could only get Netflix and Hulu on board!

The Ouya Store Goes Live Ahead Of Launch

As of today, developers can begin uploading their games to the Ouya store to make sure there games are available to Ouya Kickstarter supporters at the end of March and the rest of the public in June when they device becomes available in retail locations.  This is how it will work for you developer types:

  • You submit your game on http://devs.ouya.tv
  • We will review submissions (as quickly as we can!). See our Content and Review Guidelines on the dev portal — that’s what we’ll be checking it up against. Don’t worry, it’s a pretty brisk read.
  • You will be notified by email when your game is ready to go live, or if there are any issues.
  • After you go live, OUYA allows you to update your game, as often as you like, at no cost to you.

They are even running a special promo for developers that get the most 'game time played' once the devices go live.  If you are one of the top 3 played games you will be featured in a small documentary about your game making process.  Sounds like a pretty cool opportunity to get some exposure and hopefully drive some business your way, and not to mention you can say you have your own documentary!  How awesome is that?!

I am super excited for this announcement.  It just means we are one step closer to having the store packed with great content before launch. 

You can read the full post on Ouya's blog at the link below. 

via Ouya.tv

Help Raise Awareness With RIOT The Riot Simulator

RIOT is a riot simulator. An 8 bit riot simulator where you can choose a side, you can be the rioters, fighting for your cause or the fuzz.

The really cool thing about this project is not only is going to be a super fun game to play on your Ouya, but they are going to use part of the funding they receive to travel around the world, and document riots as they happen in different countries for various reasons, and use this information to build a better game.

This type of research will help them offer realistic locations, causes, events etc.  Stuff that really happens everyday around the world.  They want to use their game and the platform that it offers to bring awareness to global issues that real people are fighting for.

This is a unique idea.  In today's world, with censorship at an all time high, these types of conflicts and riots are making it to our ears through filtered media.  A video game gives them a space where they can possibly give the player an idea of what really happened.  Its a brilliant idea I must say.

Team 'Riot' is located in Italy who has had its share of issues lately.  So much that they even mention the hardships of trying to get this game off the ground:
 "Living in a country drowning in debt and corruption, it is practically impossible for Team “Riot” to find way to fund the project in Italy and we are therefore asking for your help. We need you to spread the voice on an important issue through the medium of videogames."
So its up to us, people of the internet.  Lets help get this game off the ground, not only to play, but to also bring awareness in a whole new way.  Check out their Indiegogo funding page http://igg.me/at/Riot.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Puddle Coming To Ouya

Puddle, released in 2011 is a liquid physics puzzle game where players use their controls to move liquid through maze levels with a lot of interactive challenges along the way.  The graphics in this game are pretty amazing and should do well on Ouya.

Puddle is currently available for Mac, PC and Linux via Steam as well as WiiU.  Not too bad.  This game was showed off by Ouya's very own Julie Uhrman at IGDA Chicago on March 1st.  This game looks great! Can't wait to see it on my own TV at home!
"In Puddle, players experience a brilliantly designed physics-based puzzle/platform game where they must guide a puddle of fluid to its target destination, not by moving the fluid, but by tilting the game environment. The player must work with friction, momentum, and the unique properties of each type of fluid and environment to send as much of each puddle past fires, electrical sparks, rifts, potential spills and more. But watch out: the fluid motion is realistic! Tilt too quickly and some droplets are left behind; tilt too slowly you may not be able to make certain jumps, or the liquid may simply evaporate away."

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Urhman Speaks At IGDA Chicago

Julie Uhrman spoke at IGDA Chicago on March 1st, and gave some very exciting and interesting information to the 140 person crowd. 

To start, the question about side-loading apps and emulation has been a hot topic since the announcement of emulators like SNES already running on Ouya.  She didn't mention emulation 'directly' but then again... she kinda did:
"...Ouya's open. You guys can sideload content, you can sideload games, y'know, you can put up emul... I mean, there's a lot you can do that we're gonna allow," she quipped."(Pocket Gamer)
The other awesome piece of information that has been in question for a while is about promo codes, and there is more good news:
"...there are plans for a promo code system, as well as prepaid cards to be made available when the system hits retail in June."(Pocket Gamer)
So it looks like they are going to allow some codes for devs to send to press and/or giveaways to promote their apps on the device.  This is definitely a smart move and should allow some press exposure for both the console itself but more importantly the games.

Last but not least, games and apps for the Ouya store will have to go through and Apple/iOS type of approval process, making sure they meet certain guidelines set forth by the company, i.e. they work.

Overall it was a great event with a lot of useful information. She answered a few of our burning questions that's for sure.  Check out Pocket Gamers full article below to read all the other cool information from the event.

News and Image via Pocket Gamer

Super Robot Space Flight

Here is another game to add to your list of must plays on Ouya.  Super Robot Space Jam was created for Ouya's Kill Screen CREATE Game Jam.  Its hard to explain this game any better then the creator himself.
"Robots shooting each other in the face. In space! Fight your friends in planetoid gravity while hunting monsters to collect coins. Buy weapons and destroy the other team's ship!" 
What doesn't sounds awesome about that?  I can tell you this, its going to be on my list of awesome multiplayer games for game night.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sky Arena Is Looking Awesome

Want to try and awesome Ouya game, and play with others but you don't have you Ouya yet? Well now you can.  Sky Arena is an Arena Flight Shooter much like early Star Fox.  If you have a controller hooked up to your computer, you can play it right now with them at http://www.hammer-labs.com/playtest/.

The game is 'simple' really you fly around an arena shaped like a planet, with obstacles, power ups and more.  The best part is it has many different games modes. There is single player offline, online multiplayer, as well as split screen multiplayer both on and offline.

With this many modes and some pretty cool retro graphics this will definitely be a game to keep an eye on.

Check out their Twitch feed: http://www.twitch.tv/olivereberlei


If you have been looking for games to play on your Ouya when it finally arrives in March (or June for the general public), here is another one to add close to the top of your list.

Stalagflight is an indie game made in less than 72 hours at the 2013 Nordic Game Jam.  From the video below, as well as some of the feedback from people around the web with the Dev versions of Ouya, this game will be one to look for on launch day.

One of the things that makes it exciting is that it supports an up to 4 player mode, something that has been seemingly left out of many games for other consoles as of late.  For me, multiplayer PVP and co-op modes are one of the ancient staples of console gaming.  I for one have my best memories of console games with my friends and games like Super Smash Brothers and NBA Jam.  Those late night gaming sessions are what made console games really powerful.

I for one will be getting this game as soon as its available, and there will most definitely be some new epic game nights in the very near future.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Is Ouya Paying Large Indie Devs?

In an article written by Venture Beat community writer Michael Stevens, there is some compelling evidence from some guy... supposedly in the gaming industry... who knows some stuff, apparently.   Yeah.

Anyway, these two had some heated words over Twitter where this gentleman Kevin Dent (some possible relation to Harvey I'm sure, HA!) was making it a point to tell the world about Ouya compensating big indie game companies to build for their console.

Mr. Dent never gave actual examples, but did have quite a lengthy tweet war with the writer, which only made him even more questionable.  Seems like the right guy to be you would want as your CEO, COO or Chairperson right?!

After reading the article and his tweets, I just don't really know why he cares, nor why we should.  So Ouya believes its a good idea to give some cash incentives to indie dev's to port and/or create their games for the Ouya console.  Is this so wrong?  To give their console a boost in quality games to launch with?  To draw more attention to their cause, which is to give the power back to the little guys?  I don't see anything wrong with this.  So as far as I am concerned Mr. Dent is just griefing.

via Venture Beat Community Writer

Crystal Kingdom Coming To Ouya

German game maker Harald 'Presbyter' Dosch and his team are working to bring their 16-bit JRPG Crystal Kingdom to Ouya.  Even after a failed attempt to gain funding on Indiegogo, it still seems that the team is still working hard to make it happen. 
"Crystal Kingdom is the successor of the fan game SEYKEN which was the first JRPG that tried to truly emulate the visual flair of the 16-bit console classics and incorporate co-op gameplay through online capability. SEYKEN was also known for being a retro style fan project that enhanced classic gameplay with modern elements."
This game looks amazing.  The artwork is awesome, just like the description says very retro.  I grew up on games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past and this games style and feel brings me right back.

The game has many more modern RPG elements to it that add leveling and gear enhancements to the
game.  The other exciting part is they even mention (briefly) a multiplayer mode possibility "...It's a well known fact that having online multiplayer and storytelling, a sole foundation of the classics, often don't go along well. True - compelling storytelling in a multiplayer non-persistent environment takes some genius, but it can be done."

Overall I am excited for this game and hope it makes it to release on Ouya.  Keep an eye on the updates section for more information. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Ouya Store Sections Appear

The Ouya store has some new additions to its navigation menu. Featured, Trending, and Sandbox have now been added.

If these are modeled after many other app stores, they seem to be pretty straight forward.  Featured will obviously be the apps that are being featured by Ouya, most likely on sale popular apps, the app maker is paying some sort of premium to get their game on that page or a mix of both.

Trending will most likely be the games and apps that are most popular at the moment.  Some app stores use social media as well as downloads to measure apps for their trending sections.  I imagine this will be very much the same on Ouya.

The only section that is a little unknown to me would be the Sandbox section.  My take on the Sandbox section is that it might not be a general public section, especially since the screenshot above is from a Dev kit device.  This might be a section to make it easier for devs to quickly load their game onto the console for trail and manipulation.  This of course is just a speculation.  Either way, its something to look forward to.  What do you think?

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Ball Coming To Ouya

In the latest news letter from the Ouya team, we learned some great information (like the release date).  One of the exciting pieces of news was that The Ball, by Tripwire Interactive is coming to Ouya!

The Ball is a first person 'shootery', with a powerful puzzle element built in.  In the same way Portal and Myst are but with zombies and other cool looking monsters to ramp it up.  The story line seems amazing, and the graphics are really going to test the Ouya's capabilities. 

"As an archaeologist working on the slopes of a dormant volcano somewhere in Mexico, you get stuck in a cavern. It doesn't take long before you realize this is more than just a cave. You reveal ancient ruins that have been hidden from outsiders for centuries and discover a mysterious artifact, a gold and metal shelled Ball. As you venture deeper into the volcano, you reveal some of mankind’s greatest secrets…"
With impressive graphics, and some great awards behind it, this game should be a welcome addition to Ouya! 

Ouya Rolling Out In March

Great news!  In the latest post on the Ouya Kickstarter page, the Ouya team confirms that the first Ouya consoles will begin shipping out to Kickstarter backers on March 28th!
"OUYAs will begin shipping to Kickstarter backers on March 28. That’s right. Parts are in the factory and assembly lines are buzzing. We’ll gradually ramp up production as we make sure things are working. (Our full launch is still set for June, which is when OUYA will be available in stores!)"

We are excited to finally get our hands on one of these little guys and see what it can really do.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited?  What is the first game you will be playing once you break it open?

via Ouya on Kickstarter