Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Early Review: ChronoBlade For Ouya

UPDATE: ChronoBlade is officially in open Beta on Facbook now... Go play.  Its a freaking blast.

Independent game studio nWay Inc brings together a collection of talent.  Known from their work on such titles as Dead Space and Grand Theft Auto to bring your browser and (soon to be) OUYA their amazing 'hack and slash,' ChronoBlade.

ChronoBlade is currently under development as a web browser game with support for the OUYA console in the works (demo currently available). The browser version which is currently in closed beta, shows great potential

*Full Disclosure: All of my experience with this title comes from the Facebook Beta and not the OUYA demo.

ChronoBlade brings 'hack n slash,' side scroller, and arcade fighting games together with the skill trees and looting mechanics familiar to RPG games. It might sound a little much, and not what most people expect in a side scrolling fighter, but this combinations works out surprising well. 

Character development starts out with a two trees and only four options to invest your skill points, but the options quickly multiply and forces you to decide early on what type of skill set you want to develop.  Do you want to maximize your damage, special abilities, or defensive moves?  The choice is yours.

Skills are broken down into two characters, active abilities and passive traits. The passive traits are always active when they are equipped, meaning a point spent toward increasing critical hits will apply to every punch you launch.  The passive abilities are what really set the characters apart.  They include summoning, black magic, buffering techniques, and feats of incredible strength.  Luckily, if you decide you want to try something else, it is only a small gold penalty to clear all of your skill points and try another build. As much points are spent this point wipe becomes more expensive, in later levels when your gold stores are a little low, it may be the choice of another couple health potions or a skill tree remaster.

Player's start out the game as a lumbering brute Aurok and have to hulk smash your way through hoards of enemies terrorizing the village and watch tower. Although not known for his intelligence (His friend Widget does most of the thinking) Aurok has a good heart and perseveres through these trails to do what is right by the world. As our hero clears out the wretches and the spiders it becomes clear something isn't right when dead warriors begin their attack.

Once all of the wretches, and spiders are cleared out the map starts to open up. Beating a mission on Normal gives you one star, Hard gives you two, and Heroic gives you three, gather enough starts and you start to unlock side quests that give you the change to unlock amazing loot you would never get otherwise.

The combat for the game is kept to very simple and basic controls. Characters have a light attack, a heavy attack, a block, and a jump option.  Its when you combine these moves that you start forming 'combination attacks,' here is where the real damage is dealt. As characters start to level up they start unlocking new combination moves to unleash upon unworthy opponents. Combos can range from a flurry of heavy attacks to knocking your opponent into the air and hitting them while they are defenseless. The combo's are unique to each character and help to add some flair to their personality and fighting styles.

At certain points in the game new characters are brought into the struggle. At the time of the release only two characters are available. Opposite the behemoth Aurok, we have the agile Lophi and her fairy companion. While many games promise different characters, few actually take the time to make each one feel truly unique.

Where Aurok utilizes nothing but brute strength in his efforts, Lophi fights on the opposite end of the spectrum. She is light on her fight, and significantly faster in her approach. The contrast in the two styles is refreshing to see in contrast to other fighting 'hack n slash' games.  nWay has promised more character options are coming each with their own unique fighting style and special abilities which should be a blast and add even more dimensions to the game.  Not to mention re playability, which is very important.

Other features include the tournament mode where players compete in a gauntlet style mode where the high scores win. Unlocked as level 5 tournament is a challenging prospect and shouldn't be attempted seriously until much later in the game. The game is also scheduled to have PvP and Co-Op modes but neither are available in the beta. PvP is expected later this summer and Co-Op to come this fall. 

Keeping with the requirements of the OUYA, ChronoBlade will be completely free to download. The game does however have 'freemium' currency elements to help support the developers and give the players an edge. From my experience with the beta the crystal currency and the items bought with them aren't game changing and yet, the prices reflect the 'freemium' style done right. There to make the game better and add some vanity to the mix, but not required.

The prospect of Co-Op on the OUYA is almost mouth watering. the difficulty curve on normal is acceptable and not off putting. I never had to grind a previous mission more then once or twice to level or gear up enough to move on. While I need to re-iterate that this game is still a beta, it shows tremendous promise and has me hooked.

Stay tuned to OUYA Report for the latest updates on ChronoBlade.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Plex Officially Available On Ouya

We mentioned that it was coming and now its here! Plex is finally available on Ouya!  Not to mention its free! (Don't get better then free)

All video controls work well including the quality options for quick adjustment for bandwidth or screen size.  We streamed some 1080p video to the big screen and it played perfectly.  If you are a lover of streaming content from your computer at home to any Plex enabled device this is as good as it gets. 

Now when I travel for pleasure or business, I can bring my tiny travel size game console and stream all of my media from home.  Too cool.

Go get this.  Now.

Shadowgun Available In Ouya Store

The epic shooter Shadowgun is officially available to download in the Discover section on your Ouya!

If you have never played this game before, its pretty amazing.  This game doesn't lack in the things most people are looking for.  Guns, explosions and really nasty bad guys are all here and they look great on Ouya. 
"Authored with the Unity development platform, SHADOWGUN combines tactical combat with third person harrowing action, ushering in a new visual standard for handheld gaming. SHADOWGUN puts players into the role of John Slade, a professional bounty hunter in the year 2350. Slade’s mission: hunt down Dr. Edgar Simon, renowned geneticist and former employee of the trans-galactic corporation Toltech Enterprises. Players must lead “shadowgun” John Slade as he infiltrates Dr. Simon’s mountain fortress and fights his personal army of mutants, cyborgs, and genetically-enhanced humanoids. Using state-of-the-art weaponry, ships, and the assistance of S.A.R.A.—Slade’s personal android assistant. The story is written by award winning author Micah Nathan who has joined the MadFinger team as executive creative consultant for SHADOWGUN."

Here are some of the things you can expect:
  • Immersive visual presentation, never seen before on mobile device.
  • Single-player story-driven campaign with playtime over 5 hours
  • Immersive storyline with multiple outcomes! You decide how it ends!
  • Unlock the detailed "Shadowpedia", and read more about the SHADOWGUN universe!
  • Featuring the most advanced combat A.I. to date—enemies flank, seek cover, and utilize teamwork to take you down! Battle automated sentries, aerial drones, and other lethal foes—tactical maneuvers are based upon actual military strategy!
  • Solve hacking mini-games to whet your nerdly appetite, then get back to blasting!
  • Survive the onslaught of Dr. Simon's deadly creations, including level bosses, mutated grunts, killer machines, and more!

Tower Fall For Ouya Available Now

Tower Fall is now available on Ouya! One of the best games we have seen yet on this little console, has had a lot of hype buildup behind it, but wow... did it deliver!

Packed with awesome retro graphics and intense multiplayer gameplay, this game is well worth waiting for.  In one night it has made it to our Ouya must play list and might easily be the best game offering yet!  Check out the short video of game play below. 

Have you played it yet?  What do you think? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

Ouya Report's Must Play List

So you just got your Ouya.  Its plugged in, updated and you are looking at all the awesome stuff in the Discover section.  Where do you start? We have wrapped up the list of our current favorite titles that are sure to give you some great games to kick things off.

The Bard's Tale: Perhaps one of the greatest RPG games of all time is available to you on Ouya.  You can dive into all the silly, and rude awesomeness as you adventure through some amazing areas and fight some cool bad guys.  Oh yes, and the giant fire breathing rat is just the beginning... literally.

This is one of our favorite games availabe on Ouya.  Check out our original post with a little gameplay video, and make this one of your first downloads.  You will not be disappointed.

Tower Fall: One of the latest and most anticipated games on Ouya.  Heralded as on of the games that will make an Ouya a hit, is indeed worth all of the hype. 

Released only a day before the official Ouya release, this multiplayer game is on top of our must have list for a game night.  With 1 - 4 player action, amazing retro graphics, and awesome game mechanics.  You MUST get this game. 

The Ball: Do you like puzzle games?  First person shooters? Zombies?  If you answered yes to any of these (or all of them) then The Ball should be one of the first downloads of the day.  It takes brains, nerves and curiosity to navigate the depths of this vast underground dungeon.   Just be warned, the first time I encountered the zombies I was completely not prepared and almost wet myself.  The sign of a good game.  ;)

God Of Blades: This game seems simple, has very few controls and for the first few levels you almost think you might be done, but I ask you to hang on just a little longer.  It gets REALLY good.  The bad guys come faster and the controls won't be so easy for long. You have been warned.

Chrono Blade (Demo):  Perhaps one of the most beautiful games currently available on Ouya.  Chrono Blade could be one of the most action packed, side scrolling RPG's we have ever seen or played.  Its currently in closed beta right now but the demo shows whats to come, and we're excited.

Super GNES:  This is an obvious one.  To be able to play all of the SNES games you remember from your childhood all over again is nothing short of awesome.  I have been playing old games almost as much as some of the newer games.  If you want a trip down memory lane back to some of the games that made your childhood awesome... this is your ticket.

Bomb Squad:  This could be one of the most intense multiplayer games on the Ouya.  There are so many ways to destroy and frustrate your friends its insane.  The graphics are awesome, the levels are amazing and the chaos is intoxicating. Get some friends and get ready for a fun night with Bomb Squad.  Don't have any friends? No worries, the 1 player mode is super fun and  challenging as well. 

Ice Rage:  This is a great multiplayer game that usually turns into a punching fest with my group of friends.  You can play hockey like you should, but you can also foul your way to the top as well.  Such a good simple game, but hours of fun with groups and even by yourself.  Another great, must have on your new Ouya.

Found something else you liked that isn't on our list?  Let us know on Twitter or hit us up in the comments below!

Ouya Shipping Apology

If you are one of the Kickstarter backers that have yet to receive your Ouya yet, Julie sheds a little more light on exactly what is happening that is causing all of the delay.  You can read her entire latest message below.

Are you a backer that doesn't have an Ouya in hand? Let us know when you get yours in the comments!
I am pissed. Some of you have not yet received your OUYA -- and, to you, I apologize. I did not promise to ship to *most* of you before we hit store shelves. I promised to ship to *all* of you. I’ve been reading your comments, and we are working to solve this.
Here is what I know:
We delivered your OUYAs to our partner in May, and since then they have been in their custody. We paid for shipping, yet the deliveries remain incomplete. We know everyone is getting their OUYA, but it is taking longer than we expected.
We are working hard to get you answers, and more importantly, to fix this. On our end, we have tripled our customer service team so we can respond as quickly as possible to your questions (though the answer may still be that it’s in transit). We are working with our partners to resolve any administrative issues related to undelivered boxes (errors in shipping addresses, customs holds, etc.). I’m told that despite our best efforts, it may take another two weeks or more for some of these units to arrive.
We will resolve this as quickly as possible. I’ve had my team working all evening to provide me with the current state of affairs and what we are doing to make it right. Ken, our Special Ops lead, can give you more detail.
- Julie
Hi Everyone,
My name is Ken Stephens, and I am the Head of Operations at OUYA.
This post is personally addressed to our early backers who have not yet received their OUYAs. 
As we hit store shelves tomorrow, it is very important that I try my best to explain why your units are behind schedule from our commitment and when we anticipate delivery.

As you may be aware, we manufacture OUYA in mainland China with our fulfillment partner in Hong Kong who is responsible for the individual shipments to you all.

Over the past few months, we encountered and conquered many challenges spanning both hardware and software in order to bring the best product we could to market. We have tried to make sure that the challenges we faced did not impact our early supporters, but unfortunately we came up short.

On average, shipment processing--from fulfillment center to product delivery--runs 20 days, end to end. It takes 3 to 5 days to pick, pack and ship the units out -- and then 15 to 17 days of transit time. Therefore, if you received your tracking number with your shipping confirmation email, your unit is on its way.
I know that many of you are frustrated with the DHL tracking system. While we are working hard to get this issue rectified, I am sorry to say this is still causing problems. When you receive a tracking number, you expect it to work immediately, but sometimes these tracking numbers don’t do that. The reason for this is that when the product leaves Hong Kong, the tracking process does not initiate until it arrives for the first scan at your country’s local depot. As a result, you could have a period of up to 10 days within which the product appears in limbo. This, we all agree, is very frustrating.

Additionally, we have seen a lot of cases where the unit will be delivered to your door without the product ever getting an arrival scan. This also unfortunately happens when dealing with the local postal systems.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of those who haven’t yet received OUYA are international backers. It just takes a lot longer to ship to some countries.

All of these units HAVE left Hong Kong, and you have received your tracking email.

So, based on the date of your shipping-confirmation email, your OUYA will arrive within 15 to 17 days from that date.

Please accept my personal apology for not yet delivering on our promise.


Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome To The Party

We have all come a long way. From reading the Kickstarter for the first time, to pressing that button of support, to ultimately getting a device, and now... the big day is upon us. 

Tomorrow is the day where the dreams of the Ouya team become reality.  Where the dreams of the backers join with the excitement of the public to make which hopefully becomes the dawning of a new era in console gaming. 

As you will read in the message from Julie below, there were so many people that said it wasn't possible for the console game to be changed, 'all roads are closed' they said.  However, through a simple idea, and the will... there is now a way. 

I for one am excited for Ouya to be available to the masses.  Now they can join me in the joy I have already experienced on this little console. 

To you fellow backers I say, good eye; to those about to join us, welcome to the party.

Tomorrow, June 25th, OUYA will officially launch.

And, while I can’t believe the day has come, I always knew we’d get Here. 
Here: having shipped tens of thousands of consoles to passionate backers who bet on OUYA when it was just a concept. 

Here: partnered with top retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop,Target and GAME. 

Here: in hundreds of stores across the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

Here: with more games at launch than any other console in gaming history. And this is all just the beginning.

People said it was impossible: Taking on the big boys in an industry that chewed up the competition. The video game market was considered impenetrable. It was expensive, closed, and built for three. That was just the way it was and nobody thought it could be any different. Nobody wondered how.

But you -- and tens of thousands like you -- wanted something new. You -- the game players and the game creators -- you knew that things could be different. In backing OUYA, you proved that there were people out there who wanted a change.

The path we chose hasn’t been easy. Our development process was unprecedented in its transparency. We solicited your opinions and heard your feedback on Reddit, on Twitter and in email. We brought everyone along for the ride making both our victories and our missteps public. Because -- we believe this process is what makes OUYA better.

OUYA is built with gamers, for gamers. We do it together.

And the games... what you game creators have done is amazing! Inventive. Different. FUN. Not the same old games by the same old folks adding +1 to the version number and slapping on a price tag of $60 or more. OUYA Devs are making it happen. From raucous couch-gaming romps like Hidden in Plain Sight and You Don’t Know Jack; oddball racing games like Rush Bros and Flashout; shouting-match PvP games like BombSquad and the “killer app” candidate TowerFall; and action-packed adventures in the forms of RPG beat-em-up ChronoBlade and soon-to-come coop, iso-shooter Killing Floor: Calamity -- you’ve delivered a game lineup that rocks.

So, launch is upon us. And I can’t let us launch without acknowledging the role YOU played. 

You can CONTINUE to expect great things from OUYA. The OUYA team is ready. We will continue to deliver. And -- if you were one of our backers that was impacted by the complications caused by DHL (shipping service) and have yet to receive your OUYA, please know that we are working overtime to get this resolved. We will continue to push our partners to find a resolution and will work directly with you and keep you in the loop until every backer has an OUYA in-hand. Thank you for all of your patience and support.

Thank you. Thank you from the team, and thank you from me, personally. I will be forever awed by what we have all brought to life. And this is just the beginning...

Yours. Literally.


P.S. -- Be sure to keep in touch -- we’ll be sure to do the same @playouya, on Facebook, Google+, and on We might not be using this Kickstarter list often anymore, but if there’s something that’s just relevant to our Kickstarter backers we might still pop it here. Otherwise, Kickstarter you’ve done what you set out to do -- kindled something entirely new, that wouldn’t have existed without you.

Ouya Firmware Update 1.0.328

So the Ouya team has pushed a last minute, major update to the console before its big day.  Tomorrow (today for some) is the big launch day we have all been waiting for.

The update was pretty small in size but big in changes. Check it out below:

Here is the changelog for 1.0.328:
  • Game Details page has been re-designed:
    • Images and buttons now easier to navigate
    • Selecting (Pressing the (O) button on) an image will show it full screen
    • Description text no longer flows off screen.
    • “More Info” button allows user to read full description text
    • Longer titles now accommodated better
    • Queued downloads now display as "In Queue…"
    • Ratings system has been updated to use a more intuitive system of age ranges
    • Founders Icon for games now appears on the Game Details page.  Thanks for believing!
  • Download behavior changes:
    • Game downloads can now be cancelled!
    • Downloads have been limited to 1 to increase performance while navigating during a download
    • Downloads are paused when a game is running to maintain best performance while playing.  They resume automatically when exiting the game
    • Downloads now start in the order they were queued
    • Downloads give a clear indication when there is not enough space left to accommodate them
  • Added the ability to set a PIN code for purchases.  Parents rejoice!  This can be found in under MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PARENTAL CONTROLS
  • Added support for redeeming pre-paid cards.  They can be redeemed when creating a new user, or from the MANAGE -> ACCOUNT -> PAYMENTS screen
  • Re-flowed in-game purchases to accommodate pre-paid cards.  Allows the user to fix purchase errors without leaving the game.
  • Logging out now allows users to log in or create a new user
  • PLAY category now sorts by most recently played or downloaded
  • Changed background image.  Style points +1
  • Changed layout of Network screen to match the new user experience.
  • Changed the look of more dialogs to have the OUYA theme
  • Fixed bug that could cause the account screen to appear to not respond to user input
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when getting a system update while out of space
  • New repository with 3rd party game engine examples:

Via Ouya

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

God Of Blades Ouya Gameplay Video

Today we finally installed God Of Blades on our Ouya today and wow... what a cool game.  What appears to be a simple side scrolling action hack and slash, turns into a bit of an obsession. 

You quickly learn that there is more than just good timing and button clicks.  There are plenty of things to worry about like when a body will fly through the air and take out the guy behind him which is going to throw off your rhythm and  you might have to do some blocking. 

The graphics are pretty smooth and the weapon special powers are a really fun addition. I can't wait to see this game develop.  As of now, this game has already made our must play list. 

Have you played it?  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ouya Update 1.0.309

The Ouya team pushed a small update today that fixed a update loop when updating apps and games.
"1.0.309 update on June 17th fixes the issue where you could get stuck in an update loop when downloading game/app updates."
We have seen a number of people complaining about this all over the web so its nice to see a quick patch to get this fixed.  Thanks Ouya team!

via Ouya Announcements 

Ouya Receives 2013 Award From Core77

Ouya has been recognized Core77 Design Awards for "Interactive multimedia and user interface design for websites, mobile devices and experiential installations."  

If you don't know about Core77, they give awards by "Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards celebrates the richness of the design profession and the brilliance of its practitioners."

The awards are issued by a panel of industry authorities, which defiately gives it some major clout.  When you get their attention its a pretty cool thing and something you most definitely can hang your hat on.  

“The jury were impressed to see the OUYA team deliver an affordable gaming product that challenges the closed nature and high development costs of the console gaming industry. It is our hope that this product will open up the potential for individuals and small companies to create innovative games that move the industry beyond its established genres.
It will be interesting to see games that are normally played in the ‘bubble’ of a smart phone, being placed into the social context the TV screen. It is also great to see the vote of confidence the product received from its overwhelming kickstarter response and we wish the team all the best in talking their product forward."
They have a great synopsis PDF of the Ouya project.   You can read all about the award here:

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ouya On's Top Hardware List

At this point the Ouya itself has spent 11 days in the top 100 and is in the #2 spot under the Xbox One, and the Ouya Wireless Controller has spent 114 days in the top 100! Not too bad.

This is great news for the little console that could.  Just the fact that it is sitting at the top of the list and its just pre-orders is awesome.  Looks like we will at least have a pretty large group of Canadian players once this thing starts shipping.

Hopefully it gets in the top 100 in the US soon.  Check out the Canadian top 100 here.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Nvidia Grid Running On Ouya

If you haven't heard of Nvidia Grid before its ok, to be honest I hadn't either. 

Nvidia Grid is a cloud gaming system that Nvidia has designed to bridge the gap between heavy graphic games and the world of mobile and less powerful devices that continue to flood the market.

In basic terms, it allows less powerful devices to play high graphic games without needing the powerful parts built in, instead Nvidia does all of the heavy graphics and computing in the cloud and essentially sends you a video feed of the game.  This gives you a smooth ride even on small gadgets, bandwidth permitting of course.  This is very similar to other services like OnLive.

What this produces is the ability for lower power devices to play big name, high graphic games, when you might not normally see these types of games ever become available for that particular device, like the Ouya.  Check out the video below of the Ouya running Borderlands 2... pretty impressive. I can't wait to get my hands on a service like this.  Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pre-Order Your Ouya on Amazon Now

If you haven't ordered your Ouya yet, you can now place your order through Amazon. 

With free shipping and a 'pre-order price guarantee' (not sure why that's necessary), you now have an alternative ordering outlet.  It also says "This item will be released on June 25, 2013," which is pretty well known at this point.

If you check it out for nothing else, they have some cool product shots as well as what appears to be detailed retail box shots.  The 'final' box (if it is indeed the final design) is pretty cool looking.   They have some great screenshots on the back to show the power of this little device, which should hopefully get some people excited.

Other than that, at this point its just another place to get your Ouya.  Some might choose to get it from Amazon because of their reputation for shipping on time and having great, easy to use return policies.   I don't see anything about Amazon Prime shipping yet, but if that becomes available, that would make Amazon the best place to get your Ouya. We will keep an eye on this and let you know about any changes.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Want to Work At Ouya? Now Is Your Chance!

Are you an Android pro?  Do you love games? Want to see Ouya be the best it can be?  Well now is your chance. 

Ouya has just posted a new page on their website, jobs.  Yeah thats right, now you can look into working at Ouya!  Very exciting!  Check it out,

Ouya Firmware Update 1.0.298

Today Ouya announced the latest Firmware Update 1.0.298. There are a ton of great updates included in this update that have been a long time coming.  The best part is that they have listened and delivered on some huge updates, that will really launch Ouya into greater contention for the TV based console war. 

I won't bother repeating all the information, I will let the release itself as well as a great video by (the #1 Ouya community forums on the net, in case you didn't know).

"Here is the changelog for 1.0.298:
  • New Discover section is LIVE!
    • Layout is changed to better highlight games and allow the user to more easily access them.
    • Tile images now load in more quickly and have better caching.
    • Improved performance and navigation.
    • Download progress is now shown on the tile for each game, making it easier to see progress.  OUYA supports 3 simultaneous downloads and will queue requested downloads above 3. 
    • Genre sections launch user to a new window so many more games can be seen at a time.
  • Play category now loads more quickly and scrolls smoother for users with lots of games.
  • Games with available updates now have an icon in the top right corner of their tiles in both Play and Discover.  Users can download the update from the tile in Play, or from the Game Details screen. 
  • Downloaded games now install automatically.  No more annoying default Android permissions screen!  No more “Install” tiles in the Play menu! Working on world peace next.
  • Users can put their OUYA into sleep mode via the controller. Hit (Y) from the main menu to do so.  OUYAs in sleep mode can be woken up by turning on a controller or pressing the power button on top of the OUYA.
  • Android settings and Browser now respect TV safe zones.  And yup, part of the “O” in OUYA is still supposed to be off screen on the Main Menu =) 
  • Region Restrictions are now available for Developers.  You can restrict regions for your games through the Dev Portal.  Remember, you are choosing which regions to NOT show in.  Your games show in all regions by default.
  • Release Calendar is now available for developers.  Devs can choose to give a release date for their title that will show on for all users to see.  It’s a great way to tell people to look out for your game!
  • Fixed issue that could cause input queuing in some games.
  • Changed “Re-run Setup” to do a full factory reset (and renamed it to “Factory Reset”)."

Video via & OUYAReview

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ouya Game Cards?

Is Ouya going to be selling game cards at Target?  It sure looks like it!  From the link you can see that Target is going to carry $25 Ouya game cards available on June 25th, 2013. 

This is great news for gamers everywhere, especially for the younger people out there who don't have a credit card to pay for their games or for people who like to keep financial information close to the chest.  Not to mention, this is a great way for parents to control the purchases for their kids.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Bard's Tale Gameplay and Random Crashes?

UPDATE: The fix has been issued:
After installing The Bard's Tale on my Ouya and playing for a while I decided to do a short video of the first quest so people could see the graphics and game play a little more than the initial video I did.  However, after playing it for some time I kept getting force closes.  I never got a popup about the game quit or stopped responding like normal, the game simply closed and sent me back to the menu.

I also noticed that the game never saved even though auto save is enabled.  So, I did a uninstall and reinstall, started the game and began the first quest again.   You will see in the video below, the first quest but at the end just before the video ends, when it kicks me out to the menu, was not of my own accord.

I can't put my finger on the issue, but it seems to happen every 2 minutes or so, but sometimes happens in shorter intervals.  Is anyone else experiencing this?  Let us know in the comments.